Ms. Chrissy from Bolivar Library came to teach students
about balance by reading "Balancing Act"
and completing various balancing stations.

Balancing in Library

Mrs. Breeden's 5th grade class practiced paper marbling
with Mrs. Clark during Art specials.

paper marbling

Our school secretary, Mrs. Reed, read to Mrs. Williams
and Mrs. Coxs' classes
for Dr. Suess' Birthday.  The students were all READY!!

Dr Seuss birthday

Dental Health with Shepherd University Nursing Students
and Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Bussard, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Jenkins
Kindergarten classes.

Tooth Defenders

Third grade STEAM club did a great job creating sturdy
bridges from balsa wood!  After the bridges were designed,
these designers tested the bridges durability by attaching weights
to the bridges.  Students worked to convert ounces to pounds and
made predictions on what they thought would happen.

STEAM 3rd grade

100 days

WV Army National Guard

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