Physical Education


Clay Anders
Physical Education
Gym (Room #16)

Most K-12 activities are based on cooperative games and team sports and align with State Content Standards. In addition, the Jump Rope unit (Nov-Dec) and Magic Club Throwing and Catching unit (March) focus on the development of students' individual skills. 3rd-5th grade students complete the state required Fitness Gram test twice a year.

Let's Talk Skills !!


Hockey with Dillon Spilker and Naia Prevatil

Hockey with Ilia Sapatsko

Hockey with Leigha Conner

Jump Rope Unit

Single Swing Jump

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Double Swing Jump

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Crossover Frogjump by Keeva Spilker


Crouching Crossover by Jackson and Sam


Crossover Jogging Step by Reagan


One Foot Crossover by Kacie



Trapping the Ball


Shooting the Ball

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MaKenna dribbling basketball

Rachael and Ti Bball

Brayden Adams - Behind the Back Bball

Magic Club (Throwing and Catching Unit)

Overhead Master Red Ball by Frank Turk

Tennis Ball Pop Fly by Kenyon Brooks

Tennis Ball Overhead Master by Logan Stevens

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